Discounts & Fees


FAMILY Families with three or more members enrolled in private lessons (including suzuki) will receive a 5% discount off the collective private lesson tuitions. 

    • Students who are enrolled in Private Lessons or Suzuki as well as Community Ensembles will receive 
    discounts off the ensemble tuition(s): 10% off for one ensemble, 15% off each for two ensembles and 
    20% off each for three or more ensembles. (No Private Lessons or Suzuki discount)

    • Students enrolled in more than one ensemble, but who do not take weekly private 
    lessons at the music school, will receive a 10% discount off the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ensemble 

We offer Special Discounts to Members of St. Luke’s Church in East Greenwich (location of our East Greenwich Branch) and Philharmonic Employees (orchestra members, faculty, staff and their children).
*Note: Discounts are not cumulative. Only the ensemble discount will be applied for any students who take private lessons and participate in ensembles and classes.


REGISTRATION This non refundable annual fee is due at registration. The fee is $26.00 for an Individual student and $52.00 for a family of two or more students. 

LATE REGISTRATION We will charge a Late Registration Fee of $35.00 to students who attend lessons, Group classes or ensemble rehearsals without registering and paying the $26.00 registration fee.

NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS A fee of $25.00 will be added to a student’s account for bounced checks or declined credit cards. If a family has selected an automatic payment plan with a credit card that has been replaced, please notify the registrar to avoid NSF fees.

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