Music For Our Schools

Ensembles comprised of RI Philharmonic Orchestra musicians as well as Music School Faculty travel to area schools to present workshops and interactive performances that introduce students to a variety of musical styles. Additionally, musicians can work with teachers to design residencies and workshops customized to complement specific classroom curriculum. Past successes have included visits to elementary schools to support a school-wide reading week, Jazz Ensembles that provide authentic learning experiences for students in Social Studies programs through demonstrating the music of the Harlem Renaissance, and more!

Movement for Rhythm and Composition

Grades: 9-12 (any subject)

Engage your students in an exploration of music through movement. The workshop will be offered in two parts – a movement class and a choreographic exploration of a chosen musical composition/piece/song. The class will utilize improvisation and repetition to begin to cultivate an understanding of the music's rhythmic foundation. We will then start to build movement phrasing as a collaborative effort through core rhythmical and lyrical components. This will be rehearsed and performed as a choreographic exploration of the whole musical composition.

Improvisation: The Importance of the Creative Process

Grades: 9-12 Music Ensembles

Improvisation: The Importance of the Creative Process in Jazz is an interactive workshop that explores improvisation as the driving force of jazz music and culture. From the time of institutionalized slavery in America to the Harlem Renaissance, African Americans had little to celebrate due to their social and economic status in America. Jazz became their music; a gateway to freely express themselves with the little they had and were given.
The workshop is broken down into two parts- performance and discussion including activities (students will develop a prompt for the band and do a call and response activity). The band will demonstrate the components of improvisation in a musical setting which are listening, development and sharing of ideas. We will then discuss through Q&A with students about the improvisation; the process and results of the performance and how improvisation can be applicable to everyday life. This is an engaging and informative workshop for high school students. Can be adapted to fit the needs of various ensembles.

Drum Circle

Grades: 6-12 (any subject)

Engage your students in the unifying power of music which has built community across cultures for thousands of years. One teaching artist will come to your school and teach students about improvisation, collaboration, ensemble music-making, as well as leadership through drumming. This activity can act as a single class visit or as a multiple visit residency to allow students to create their own drum composition based off a theme, or out of their imagination.

Jazz History Project

Grades: 6-12 (price varies based on number in ensemble, quartet vs. quintet)

This performance ensemble gives a historical look at Jazz at its various stages of development through a larger lens of political, civil and social world events, with particular emphasis on Black History and its influence in the US. Musical examples will be presented along with opportunities to experience the music directly through assorted hand percussion, call and response scat singing, as well as a look at the instruments used. Students are always invited up to sing or play! (Specific needs: tuned piano, PA system) (H, So)
Note: This is an excellent offering if your school plans units around Black History Month (February). It is highly adaptable and can be focused around any era of Jazz that you choose.

Intro to Jazz

Grades: K-6 

This program is an introduction to the elements of music that make Jazz what it is. Music includes swing, improvisation and blues, as well as information about the musical personalities of jazz composers and performers. This program is an exciting and interactive introduction to the world of Jazz music. (So)

Visit from Francisco Noya

Grades: 9-12

Francisco Noya, Resident Conductor of the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra, will speak with your class about his experience leading orchestras and building a community of musicians. He has had a successful international career as a conductor and will share insight with your students on his leadership experiences as well as his ideas on the universally binding qualities of music across cultures.

Peter and the Wolf

Grades: K-6

Prokofiev's classic fable is performed and narrated by the members of the woodwind quintet. The program begins with an explanation of the scientific principles of the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn followed by a demonstration of each instrument. The program concludes with a question and answer period. (E, Sc)

Visiting Musicians

Grades: K-12

The RI Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School is happy to work with you and your organization/school to create a musical encounter with one of our faculty or orchestra musicians. Examples would be creating a new residency, have a visiting musician demonstrate their instrument or work with your music classes. The rates of our musicians vary based on the programming. Please contact us today for more information.

Discounted Tickets to RI Philharmonic Orchestra Performances

Grades: 3-12 (Subject to availability)

We are happy to work with your school/ensemble/program to arrange for discounted tickets to RI Philharmonic Orchestra Open Rehearsal and Rush Hour performances. These performances are on Friday evenings and allow for a more relaxed concert experience. Groups from ages ~8-18 (and up!) have enjoyed taking advantage of these performances! Click here to read about repertoire selections from our 19-20 season.

Don't see what you're looking for? We continually review and evaluate new ideas for partnerships. For more information about partnering with the Music School to provide music education and performance opportunities to your organization, contact Amelia Prioli at 401.248.7008 or [email protected]

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