Gregory Fritze (Tuba, Principal)

Where did you grow up? Allentown, Pennsylvania
Where do you live now? Sharon, MA

Educational Background: Masters Degree in Composition from Indiana University

Personal info (family, kids, pets, etc.) Wife Linda and dog Asta

How did you get started in music? Playing piano at age six.

When did you join the Rhode Island Philharmonic? 1983

What are your non-RIPO musical activities? Chair of Composition at Berklee College of Music, active composer including many activities in Spain.

What is your favorite RIPO memory to date? Concerts with Victor Borge and Peter Schickele

Do you teach? If so, where? Berklee College of Music

If you couldn’t be a musician, what would be your dream job? Professional Scuba Diver

What are your non-musical hobbies? Scuba diving

Who or what has been your greatest influence, musical or otherwise? Linda Fritze, Harvey Phillips, Chester Roberts, Thomas Beversdorf, John Corley, Ralph Kemmerer and of course Larry and the other members of RIPO.

What is your favorite music? What are you currently listening to? Contemporary Concert Music.

What/where do you like to eat in the Providence area? Al Forno, Angelo's

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us? It is wonderful to see how the orchestra has grown in quality in the last 27 years.

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