Gene Crisafulli (Trumpet)

Where did you grow up? Small town in New Jersey, South Plainfield, where is all started.
Where do you live now? Swansea MA

Educational Background: BM in Trumpet and BME in Education, Hartt School, MM Yale School of Music

Personal info (family, kids, pets, etc.) Married to Maureen, currently an administrator at Kuss Middle School, Fall River

How did you get started in music? I wanted to play the drums but my older brother tried the trumpet but didn’t continue. When I came home from school my father said there’s a trumpet in the closet – why don’t you play that? I’ve been playing it ever since!

When did you join the Rhode Island Philharmonic? Oh, a long time ago it seems now. I started the last year of Maderia’s time I think around 1978 or 79. And many turbulent years later I’m still here. Amazing!

What are your non-RIPO musical activities? I work for the Civic Chorale as well as other musical organizations in town.

What is your favorite RIPO memory to date? There are many things to remember for me but the best part is remembering that I sit around some pretty great musicians and have fun most of the time. I feel great about sitting in a terrific trumpet section and surrounding brass section.

Do you teach? If so, how can someone get in touch with you? Yes, I teach in my home studio and also at the Music School and at Brown.

What are your non-musical hobbies? I enjoy sailing, skiing, biking, golf, cooking, grilling, great wine, traveling with my wife and everything about being Italian!

Who or what has been your greatest influence, musical or otherwise? I was lucky to have some good trumpet teachers when I was really young. Their names are not as important now as their influence on me at the time. Also Roger Murtha was a big influence on me in my undergraduate years in school.

What is your favorite music? What are you currently listening to? I like all kinds of music but I’m always listening to Sinatra, and Louis Prima.

What/where do you like to eat in the Providence area? Our favorite restaurant is Pane Vino but we also like Al Forno and Bob and Timmy’s for grilled pizza – I stop there after every concert and bring home a grilled pizza to enjoy with a nice wine.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us? The orchestra has improved so much since I started that I can hardly believe it! I can’t say enough about the musicians that make up the RIPO!