Summer at the Music School


Private Lessons

Violin Student

All Ages

Private lessons are the core of a student's musical training. During the summer, the Philharmonic Music School offers lessons on over 20 different instruments and voice. Private lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes long, arranged to fit the student's and teacher's schedules.

Creating a successful teacher/student relationship is very important to us. Our faculty members have many specializations, teaching styles and personalities. The more we know about the way you or your child learns, personal goals and interests, the more likely that we will create a lasting and rewarding partnership.

Online Student Profile Form
Your first step is to fill out the Online Student Profile Form. After careful review of your form, a member of our student services team will contact you to discuss placement with a Music School faculty member. We may recommend a trial lesson to assure assignment with an appropriate teacher.

Suzuki Instruction

Ages 5–9

Laura teaches Violin

Children all over the world receive their first musical experience through the Suzuki Method. Developed by the late Japanese teacher Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, the method employs the "mother tongue" approach to learning, based on the ease with which young children learn to speak their language. Dr. Suzuki discovered that these same principles apply when teaching young children to become fine musicians. Suzuki lessons focus on ear-training, developing good instrumental technique and producing a beautiful tone.

Parental Involvement: The Suzuki approach stresses a balanced, triangular relationship with the teacher, parent and student. Parental attendance is required at lessons so that he/she can generate effective practice sessions at home.

Online Student Profile Form
Your first step is to fill out the Online Student Profile Form. The Music School Registrar will receive your form, and after careful review, a member of our admissions team will contact you to discuss placement with a Music School faculty member.


Chamber Music

Elementary School through Adult

Lois Finkel, Chamber Music Department Chair

This five-day intensive chamber music workshop is for young people and adults who play strings, woodwinds, brass or piano. Although prior chamber music experience is not required, applicants should have good music reading skills. In addition to daily coachings, the schedule includes rehearsals, master-classes and performances. Already established chamber groups are welcome, and we also offer a one-day enrollment for adults.

DATES June 18–22 (Sat–Wed)
TIME 10am–2:30pm
LOCATION Carter Center
RECITAL Wednesday • Open to the public, free of charge
TUITION $400 per week; $88 Adult one-day enrollment
Applications received after May 15 will be handled on a space-available basis.

Jazz, Rock & Blues

Grades 6–12

Wendy Klein, Jazz & Rock Department Chair

This one or two week summer session for middle and high school music students offers them the opportunity to develop musicianship, work with our jazz/rock faculty, collaborate with other musicians and gain confidence in performance. Curriculum includes music theory, improvisation, introduction to music sequencing, styles class for drummers and jazz and rock ensembles. Prior jazz, rock & blues experience is not required.

DATES July 20–24 & July 27–31
TIME 10am–4:30pm
LOCATION Carter Center
RECITALS Fridays • Open to the public, free of charge
TUITION $425 per week
Applications received after June 15 will be handled on a space-available basis.

Piano Plus & Piano Kids

Elementary though Grade 12

Irina Tchantceva, Piano Department Chair
DATES July 27–31 (Mon–Fri)
LOCATION Carter Center; Many activities thake place in our state-of-the-art electronic keyboard lab!
RECITAL Friday • Open to the public, free of charge
All spaces for Summer 2015 have been filled.

Piano Plus

Intermediate & Advanced Students

Piano Plus is an opportunity for intermediate and advanced students to enjoy their piano studies in a varied workshop that includes piano four hands (and more!), accompaniment, coaching, supervised practicing and music appreciation classes. We have daily discussions about many aspects of piano playing, including effective practicing, performance preparation and music memorization. The Piano Plus Workshop concludes with a recital in which each participant accompanies an instrumental soloist and performs a piano piece for four, six or eight hands. Members of the piano faculty are on hand each day for coaching and discussions. Family and friends are invited to the free Friday recital.

TUITION $425 per week
Students should be ready with 1 or 2 recently prepared pieces for a "mini audition" for placement in Piano Plus
Applications received after May 30 will be handled on a space-available basis.

Piano Kids

Ages 6–10

Piano Kids is designed for young pianists between the ages of 6 and 10 years old with a focus on FUN! Each day will feature a variety of musical activities including warm-up piano exercises, musical games, introduction of favorite composers, basic music theory and small group piano lessons. Participants will learn simple duets for performance at the Friday recital.

TIME 10am–2:30pm
    TUITION $390 per week
    TUITION $425 per week
All beginners and early intermediates who have completed a year or more of piano lessons are invited to enroll.
Applications received after May 30 will be handled on a space-available basis.


Babies, Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers

Toddler playing with a drum

Ages 0–5

Our Soundplay and Music Together® classes are designed to enhance your child's musical development and to help you create a quality musical environment at home. The class curriculum is innovative, designed specifically to develop the music potential of young children.

Young Children

Ages 6–12

We offer a variety of classes for elementary age (6-12) students of all skill levels. Courses aim to engage younger students and focus on choosing an instrument, music fundamentals, learning to sing and more!

Classes include Children's Voice and Introduction to the Instruments.

Older Children and Adults

Ages 13+

These classes focus on expanding the skills and interests of musicians both beginning and advanced by teaching the basics of musicianship, music production, composition and more.

Summer Policies

Student Services

Currently Enrolled students can find information about upcoming events, schedule changes, student benefits (free and discounted concert tickets), re-enrollment and more.

Summer Scheduling

The Music School summer session is 8 weeks. All students should indicate the weeks they are available for lessons on the registration form. The student is responsible for paying the tuition in full at the time of registration for all registered dates, whether or not the student is absent or withdraws before the last scheduled lesson.


The Music School operates on a flexible 8 week summer session. Group classes are scheduled according to faculty availability within each session. Returning private lesson students must submit a completed Registration Form with full summer tuition to be scheduled with a teacher. Group class students must submit a completed Registration Form with the class deposit. The remaining tuition balance is due at the first meeting. The Music School Office will assign registered students to a lesson or group class.

Registration Fee

Individual: $26.00; Family (two or more): $52.00. The registration fee is charged once a year and is due at registration. The registration fee is not refundable.

Tuition Payment

CLASSES & PRIVATE LESSONS: We require full tuition payment when you submit the Summer 2016 registration form.
WORKSHOPS: We require an $85 deposit when you submit the Summer 2016 registration form. The remaining tuition is due at the first lesson or class.
ADULT CHAMBER MUSIC: Per-day enrollment is $85 per day and due with completed registration form by May 15, 2016.

These policies are in addition to our General Policies.